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Dixie Matheson Service Centre has been serving the residents of Mississauga and the surrounding area with quality automotive services since 1983. Our commitment to efficient, honest and professional service has been the key to our success.

We have 2 Class A Certified Mechanics, 2 Apprentices and 8 service bays - ensuring that you receive prompt service from qualified personnel. We are constantly updating our facility with the latest equipment, tools and technical training to ensure that our customers continue to receive a superior level of service. Our clients have come to expect this dedication and we welcome the opportunity to meet and exceed their expectations.

We believe that it is essential to continually update equipment and technical training in order to properly maintain today's vehicles. As vehicles become more and more complicated, it's imperative to have your car serviced by licensed technicians that have the training and tools required to do the job right the first time.

Today's vehicles are extremely sophisticated as computer-controlled electronics and components work to keep your engine operating efficiently. These complex components are designed to communicate directly to the diagnostic equipment here at Dixie Matheson Service Centre. Our trained technicians can interpret the readings, spotting small difficulties before they become expensive problems. Our technical expertise will ensure that your fuel efficiency is optimized, that your car is running at its peak performance and that potential problems are diagnosed before becoming costly repairs.

For professional, honest and qualified automotive service, contact us today! We look forward to the opportunity of showing you why our customers keep coming back and why word of mouth is so important in today’s competitive market.

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